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Sputnik Baikal Corporate Team



Sputnik Baikal Corporate Team

Dear Colleagues,

Sputnik Baikal tourist company was established in 1992. Long-standing experience of successful operation in the tourist services market afforded us to achieve advanced level of service, flexible pricing policy, consistency and reliability - the qualities required to arrange services to individual and corporate customers. We take particular care of the safety of our tourists under the conditions of natural environment.

They know us in the Lake Baikal region through our hosting of public and sports events, organization of diverse expeditions, development of international projects, implementation of government contracts to organize and conduct dedicated events.

Our principles are

  • Quality and Safety.

Our advantages: 

  • membership of Sputnik tourist network;
  • tour operator for international and domestic tourism, our operations are insured in one of the leading insurance companies of Russia;
  • participation in both commercial and non-profit projects in Irkutsk Province;
  • implementation of government contracts on repeated occasions - we enjoy trust;
  • full database of tourist resources of Baikal Lakeside and Mongolia. We are geared to arrange a tour to meet any challenge and dedication;
  • we cooperate with major tourist companies of Russia, and ready to offer best services at best prices;
  • We are willing to help you make your plans come true while making arrangements for your trip;

Our offering: 

  • preparation of invitations to issue visas;
  • meet and greet service in Moscow;
  • issue of visa to Mongolia in the General Consulate of Mongolia in Irkutsk;
  • reservation of hotels, tourist boarding houses and private lodging in Irkutsk and at Lake Baikal;
  • cruises in motor- and sail-boats on Lake Baikal and Siberian rivers;
  • arrangement of tours in natural environment (extreme) of any dedication and challenge: hiking, horse riding, sail-boating, riding snowmobiles or dog sled in the wintertime, etc.;
  • transportation services: rental of motor vehicles, purchase of air- and railroad fares, bus tickets in short- and long-haul range, tickets to motor vessels in scheduled service on Lake Baikal and River Angara
  • guided tours in Irkutsk and at Lake Baikal;
  • interpretation/translation services;
  • tour guide services in natural environment outside of the city;
  • travel arrangement for Mongolia and China;
  • help and advise regarding independent personal organization of traveling.

We wish you a fascinating trip!

orlenok@irk.ru - Konstantin; sputnik-baikal@mail.ru - Nadezhda

Sputnik Baikal Corporate Team